Nentir Vale

The Ghost Tower

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After their exciting fight with goblins in the ruins of the old Kalton Manor, the intrepid adventurers reached and entered the Ghost Tower to fulfill their obligations to their companion Sareth. She had, after all, been a reliable member of their party, and quite easy on the eyes as well.

The aforementioned heroes entered the tower and were confronted with three doors: one to the east, one to the north, and one to the west. Whisper, the thief of the party, checked the doors for traps, and the group discussed which door to go through. The party was startled by an image that appears before them of a skeleton wearing dark armor.

“Fools,” cried the skeleton, “you think you can steal my gold?”. The skeleton then disappeared ominously. Despite this warning, the mighty Argos, always eager for a fight, decided to go through the eastern door first, and the rest of the adventurers followed.

The party encountered a spiral staircase in front of them. A quick search of the area uncovered a hidden glyph on the wall. The talented ranger Saranna went first, but after going down twenty steps, she seemed to make no progress. At this point, the mage Orko worked his mysterious magics on the glyph and suddenly, a ghostly door appeared on the wall. There seemed to be no puzzle that this incredible group could not solve.

After proceeding, the party was suddenly attacked by tomb rats four! A fierce battle commenced, and group lived through the encounter only by the skin of their teeth and the strength of Saranna’s bow. In fact, this brave ranger killed two of these foul beasts with her well aimed shots. We can rest assured that long into the future will tales of this encounter be told around the campfire.

The exhausted members turned the corner. In front of them, the skeleton stood. The adventurers then knew their demise was nigh. Nevertheless, they made their final stand. Argos took heavy damage, but thanks to Whisper’s quickly slung bullet from her sling the skeleton tumbled down before the skills of the elite force.

After rendering the skeleton a devastating defeat, the group rested, and Orko had relations with Sareth. After taking a longsword from the skeleton’s corpse, Sareth bid the party a tearful goodbye. The rest of the group decided to explore the tower further.

The north door opened to a small ledge over a pit filled with spikes. On the other side of the pit is a door, and the only path across the pit was a perilous, five inch wide walkway! Saranna walked across the chasm, nearly falling halfway through. On the other side of the room, she examined the door, but found that it had no handle, and she was unable to open it. She summoned the other party members across, aiding them with her trusty grappling hook. The small gnome Jamian was aided by none other than Argos, who hurled the bard thirty feet through the air. Jamian, luckily, suffered only moderate injuries. However, luck was not with the mage Orko, who fell to the spiked floor below, and had to be hauled up by his teammates.

Once they were across, the group stood on a five foot precipice before the door. Orko summoned all the power at his reserve and discovered that the portal was magically sealed; the group was effectively unable to open it, despite the life threatening journey across the the walkway. The way back proved nearly fatal to both Argos and Saranna, both of whom were lucky to escape the pit of death with only minor injuries to both body and pride.

Though these setbacks heartily wounded the adventurers’ desire to continue forth, they still garnered the courage to broach the west, and final, door in the Ghost Tower. They encountered a hallway that led into a small room filled with torturously nightmare inducing statutes of beasts in all sorts of abominable positions. They also discovered that tiles in the floor were moveable, but these set off all sorts of traps. The heroes of this tale could not proceed any further despite their remarkable talents, and at length, they left the Ghost Tower.

The party decided to go ahead and finish their initial job by returning to Fall Crest, which was a full fifty miles distance from the ruins of Kalton Manor. After journeying for two days, wherein Whisper was educated about the many benefits of gaining combat advantage, and who talketh much about strange happenings that the adventurers knew not of, the adventurers walked through the eastern gate of Fallcrest, a small town built from the ruins of a larger city.

The party was still in possession of the Demonic Skull of Necromantic Doom, and there was some discussion amongst members about what to do with the aforementioned skull. Despite several vocal members of the group who wanted the object destroyed, namely Orko and Saranna, the greed of Argos and the silent agreement of Jamian and Whisper won out, and they all decided to find more information on the skull, so they made their way to the mage district.

The mage district of Fall Crest, essentially a tall tower in the south east corner of the city, turned out to be just the right place for the party to go. An elven mage with a heavy accent greeted the adventurers. Despite his ready willingness to help out the party, he was quickly confused by Orko’s repeated insistances that they in fact did NOT have a Demonic Skull of Necromantic Doom in their possession, but if in fact they DID, purely in a hypothetical fashion of course, how would it be destroyed, how much gold might a similar skull go for in today’s turbulent black magic market, and whether one would make a reasonable bar mitzvah gift (or if he should just buy a suitable gift card instead.)

Orko’s expertly inconspicuous methods of gaining information may have paid off for the party, had Argos not taken a keen interest in the mage and decided to flex his muscles in a suitably intimidating manner. In an effort to keep the conversation rolling, Orko decides to show the mage the skull. To the surprise of everyone, the mage took the skull and started to walk away. Argos intervened, however.

“That’s my skull,” Argos said to the mage.

“No, it’s not,” said the mage to Argos.

Stunned by this witty comeback, the party loiters in the entryway. After a while, perhaps responding to complaints about the group of disheveled, goblin-blood covered ruffians leaving footprints in the clean foyer, the mighty wizard Jynovas himself came down.

The adventurers told the wizard what had been happening in the past few days, and how they had come into possession of the skull. Jynovas listened patiently, and let the group know that he would be retaining the skull for the time being.

“Your target now,” he told them, “is to find Traevus.”

The party knew Traevus as the dwarf that had sent them after the skull initially. Jynovas told them that Traevus used to be his apprentice, but he betrayed their mage order and turned to the darker magics. Now, Traevus was a dangerous necromancer.

After Orko sells pearls that the party had found, the party splits up to replenish their supplies and scout out local taverns for news about Traevus. Orko and Argos decide to check out the Lucky Gnome Tap House, while Jamian, Saranna, and Whisper check out the Blue Moon Ale House.

Orko and Argos found themselves in a nice bar, but one easily the cheapest and coarsest of the town’s taphouses. This suited the two of them quite nicely. Orko scouted out the owner of the bar, Kelson, and bought him a round of drinks, and they proceeded to engage in drunken, debaucherous acts in order to gain information.

Across town, Saranna, Jamian, and Whisper found themselves in the Blue Moon. Saranna talked to the barkeep while Jamian is distracted by the scantily clad Ladies of the Evening in the corner. He was nervously fingering the gold coins in his pocket when the efficient Saranna comes up to him and tells him that Traevus came in for a drink, but that he left quickly after. The three leave and head to the party’s rendez-vous point, the Unicorn Tap House, and the three of them retire early for the night to engage in some

At the Lucky Gnome, Orko and Argos were drinking heavily with the owner in the special VIP section. The owner told them that Traevus was hiding out at Kalton Manor, the exact place they had just come from! Orko remembered the northern door that opened into a long walkway, which the party was unable to open. He deduced that the unopened door was probably hiding the necromancer Traevus. Orko and Argos took the setback in stride and enjoyed the rest of the night in the company of wimminz and beer.

The next day, after relishing the comfort of beds, baths, and hot meals, the party was looking and feeling much better, though Orko kept complaining about a burning sensation whenever he urinated. Orko made a pit stop at the mage quarter to get a magic ritual to open doors, and then the party headed back out for Kalton Manor.

The journey back to Ghost Tower was perilous and exciting. Many foul beasties were fought, and the party desperately feared for their lives many times. They faced the ravages of potential starvation when Whisper “misplaced” their belongings. They endured the bitter, freezing chill of a cool evening breeze that even caused the hapless Jamian to have goosebumps; indeed, the frigid temperatures made the group’s beloved bard retrieve a light jacket from his packs! Few were able to sleep at night due to the wailing cries that pierced the forest. The pain of losing her trusted stallion was almost too much for Whisper to bear, and she shed tears most piteously, until Argos told her to shut the hell up. The ravages of disease also struck the party; many a time Orko lifted his robes to ask a fellow party member, “Does this rash look infected to you?” Furthermore, much of the discussion around the campfire was spent in determining whether Sareth had inflicted this curse on Orko, or if it had been companies of the beautiful half-faerie twin sisters and the one legged male gnome named Sore Bottom that Orko had enjoyed that fated evening in Fall Crest.

Despite these many difficulties, the group arrives late on the second day. After arriving late on the second day, the group decided to plunge back into danger and head into Ghost Tower again.

Now, Orko and Argos cross the walkway again, and Orko performed the ritual to open the door. As he finishes, the rest of the group readies their weapons….

Kill the Messanger

After cleaning up the the dungeon found inside the goblin lair and defeating Malareth the party decides to move on towards their next objective. But as they leave the lair the soon find out that they are not alone in looking for the skull. A group of undead lead by a sly teifling necronamcer name Nynga Murdergrave is waiting. After some small talk and learning that Nynga and her henchmen work for Orcus the adventures were attacked. As always they came out on top and defeated the monsters.

Holding true to their word, they soon set out to help Sareth find her long lost heirloom. After a fairly long trek through the woods they arrive at the Ghost Tower. As they were trying to enter a small group of undead rose from out of the ground to try to stop them. But these undead were no match for the party and were dispatched almost as soon as the rose from the dead. Currently the group is waiting outside the tower, wondering what dangers await them…..

The Adventure Begins!

Answering a summons from an unknown wizard that goes by the name Jynovas, a group of mismatched adventurers band together to seek fame, fortune and heroism. On their way to meet with this wizard in Fallcrest the group’s wagon, lead by a dwarf merchant named Treavus, was attacked by a band of goblins. During the scuffle a “precious” box that belonged to Treavus was stolen from the back of the wagon. Most of the goblins were killed, but one survived long enough to tell you that they were sent by a necromancer named Malareth. The same necromancer the group had just seen off in the distance.

Wounded during the attack, Treavus asks for help to return the stolen box. Agreeing to help, the group marches off into the woods in search of the box, Malareth, and a just plain good time of killing goblins. As they were trekking through the woods tracking Malareth’s path they encountered an elf ranger by the name of Sareth being attack by a group of pesky kobolds. During the encounter one of the kobolds mentions the name Szartharrax. Having defeted the kobolds and saving the elf she asks the players to for yet another favor in exchange for her help in their adventure. She tells the group of a long lost heirloom that was stolen from her family, and she plans on retrieving it. She tells of a family sword that has been in her family for generations and how a blackguard stole it and then was later buried with it in a dark tower on the edge of the Witchlight Fens. Sareth Joins the group as you agree to exchange help, and she leads you to the goblin lair you were looking for.

Upon entering the goblin cave, the group was attacked by none other then goblins. The victory was easily won and the party soon discovered that the cave was more then just a hole in the ground. In the back of the cave was two doors. Behind these doors stood an ancient temple. Having battled their way through the twisting halls, defeating goblins, demons, and even a dragon, the group finally makes it to Malareth. After a long draw out fight the players defeat the necromancer and recover the box. When the players opened the box hey discovered a human skull. What was this skull for? And why was Treavus carrying around such a thing?


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