Chaos Scar

A long, wide valley between the Ogrefist Hills and the Witchlight Fens, the Chaos Scar is thought to have been carved by the fall of a massive meteor. The arrival of the fallen star was fraught will ill omen – legends say that as the giant rock passed overhead, milk curdled, livestock fell over dead, and ill fortune befell all. The place now seems a dark magnet for all that is evil, drawing horrific monsters and people of malign character to make their homes in the valley.

The sides of the valley are dotted with caves and broken ruins, crawling with monstrous denizens. Past rulers of the Nentir Vale have tried to hem in the threat of the Chaos Scar, with little to no success. A long-forgotten ruler who fancied himself a king erected a wall across the valley’s mouth long ago. It still stands, partly in ruins, its gates open and unguarded. Towers that once ringed the valley have fallen to ruin as well. Some are inhabited by evil creatures; others are simply empty. The only point of light in this dark place is Restwell Keep, so named by its current inhabitants, but it has had many names. Founded ages ago by a long forgotten lord, Restwell Keep. Restwell Keep has kept a sentinel’s post over the Chaos Scar for time out of mind. It has served as a hobgoblin warlord’s fortress, a bandit gang’s hideout, and now as an outpost of civilization in a monster-infested wilderness.

Many adventurers have entered the Chaos Scar. Few have returned. Those that do weave dark stories of monsters working in concert as never before. Others tell of monstrous creatures working against one another.

Restwell Keep

Chaos Scar

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