Nentir Vale

Kill the Messanger

After cleaning up the the dungeon found inside the goblin lair and defeating Malareth the party decides to move on towards their next objective. But as they leave the lair the soon find out that they are not alone in looking for the skull. A group of undead lead by a sly teifling necronamcer name Nynga Murdergrave is waiting. After some small talk and learning that Nynga and her henchmen work for Orcus the adventures were attacked. As always they came out on top and defeated the monsters.

Holding true to their word, they soon set out to help Sareth find her long lost heirloom. After a fairly long trek through the woods they arrive at the Ghost Tower. As they were trying to enter a small group of undead rose from out of the ground to try to stop them. But these undead were no match for the party and were dispatched almost as soon as the rose from the dead. Currently the group is waiting outside the tower, wondering what dangers await them…..


Murdergrave was a pussy! But I hope to meet more monsters named Clyde.

Kill the Messanger

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