Nentir Vale

The Adventure Begins!

Answering a summons from an unknown wizard that goes by the name Jynovas, a group of mismatched adventurers band together to seek fame, fortune and heroism. On their way to meet with this wizard in Fallcrest the group’s wagon, lead by a dwarf merchant named Treavus, was attacked by a band of goblins. During the scuffle a “precious” box that belonged to Treavus was stolen from the back of the wagon. Most of the goblins were killed, but one survived long enough to tell you that they were sent by a necromancer named Malareth. The same necromancer the group had just seen off in the distance.

Wounded during the attack, Treavus asks for help to return the stolen box. Agreeing to help, the group marches off into the woods in search of the box, Malareth, and a just plain good time of killing goblins. As they were trekking through the woods tracking Malareth’s path they encountered an elf ranger by the name of Sareth being attack by a group of pesky kobolds. During the encounter one of the kobolds mentions the name Szartharrax. Having defeted the kobolds and saving the elf she asks the players to for yet another favor in exchange for her help in their adventure. She tells the group of a long lost heirloom that was stolen from her family, and she plans on retrieving it. She tells of a family sword that has been in her family for generations and how a blackguard stole it and then was later buried with it in a dark tower on the edge of the Witchlight Fens. Sareth Joins the group as you agree to exchange help, and she leads you to the goblin lair you were looking for.

Upon entering the goblin cave, the group was attacked by none other then goblins. The victory was easily won and the party soon discovered that the cave was more then just a hole in the ground. In the back of the cave was two doors. Behind these doors stood an ancient temple. Having battled their way through the twisting halls, defeating goblins, demons, and even a dragon, the group finally makes it to Malareth. After a long draw out fight the players defeat the necromancer and recover the box. When the players opened the box hey discovered a human skull. What was this skull for? And why was Treavus carrying around such a thing?



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